Glenn Miller

The Lost Recordings

The American Band of The American Expeditionary Force

Personnel Tracks Notes

Liner Notes: Tracks

CD One

Compact Disc One

1. In The Mood
(Garland arr. Glenn Miller)

2. Stardust
(Carmichael arr. Ralph Wilkinson)

3. Song Of The Volga Boatmen
(trad. arr. Bill Finegan)

4. Long Ago And Far Away
(Lang Ist Es Her Und Weit Zuruck)
Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger;
Vocalist: Sgt. Johnny Desmond

(sung in German)
(Kern, Gershwin arr. Norman Leyden)

5. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
Vocalist: Technical Sgt. Ray McKinley
(Jordan, Austin arr. Jerry Gray)

6. Great Day
(Youmans arr. Jerry Gray)

7. American Patrol
(Meacham arr. Jerry Gray)

8. Summertime
(Gershwin arr. Ralph Wilkinson)

9. Tuxedo Junction
(Dash, Johnson, Hawkins, Feyne arr. Jerry Gray)

10. Begin The Beguine
(Porter arr. Jerry Gray)

11. Anvil Chorus
(Verdi arr. Jerry Gray)

12. Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger   0:52

13. Here We Go Again
(composed and arranged: Jerry Gray)

14. Major Glenn Miller, Sgt. Johnny Desmond
& Ilse Weinberger   0:21

15. My Heart tells Me
(Mein Herz Sagt Mir)
Vocalist: Sgt. Johnny Desmond
(sung in German)
(Gordon, Warren arr. Ralph Wilkinson)

16. A String Of Pearls
(composed and arranged: Jerry Gray)

17. Stormy Weather
(Arlen arr. Jerry Gray)

18. Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger   0:29

19. Poinciana
Vocalists: Cpl. Artie Malvin & The Crew Chiefs
(Simon, Bernier arr. Jerry Gray)

Total playing time:   61 minutes 7 seconds

Source matrix numbers -
taken from the following
(all or in part):

CTPX 12754-1; 12755-1;12756-1;12757-1;
12758-1 & 12759-1
(recorded 30 October 1944);

CTPX 12762-1; 12763-1; 12764-1;
12766-1; 12767-1; 12768-1; 12769-1;
12770-1; 12771-1; 12772-1; 12773-1
& 12774-1
(recorded 6 November 1944)

        Compact Disc Two

1. Stardust
Vocalist: Dinah Shore
(Carmichael, Parish arr. Ralph Wilkinson)

2. All I Do Is Dream Of You
Vocalist: Dinah Shore
(Freed, Brown arr. Norman Leyden)

3. Farewell Blues
(Schoebel, Mares, Rappolo arr. Jerry Gray)

4. I've Got A Heart Filled
With Love (For You Dear)
Vocalists: Sgt. Johnny Desmond
& The Crew Chiefs

(Jacobs, Meyer arr. Jerry Gray)

5. Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger   0:09

6. Caribbean Clipper
(composed and arranged: Jerry Gray)

7. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
(Kern arr. Jerry Gray)

8. Little Brown Jug
(Winner arr. Bill Finegan)

9. Where Or When
(Wo Oder Wann)
Vocalist: Cpl. Artie Malvin
(sung in German)
(Rodgers, Hart)

10. Cow Cow Boogie
(Carter, Raye, De Paul)

11. Holiday for Strings
(Rose arr. Jerry Gray

12. Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger   0:10

13. Tail End Charlie
(composed and arranged: Bill Finegan)

14. Begin the Beguine
Vocalist: Irene Manning
(sung in German)

15. Major Glenn Miller   0:08

16. Everybody Loves My Baby
(Palmer, Williams arr. Jerry Gray)

17. Major Glenn Miller & Ilse Weinberger   0:13

18. Jeep Jockey Jump
(composed and arranged: Jerry Gray)

19. All The Things You Are
Vocalist: Sgt. Johnny Desmond
(sung in German)
(Kern, Hammerstein II)

20. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
(trad. arr. Bill Finegan)

21. Ilse Weinberger & Major Glenn Miller   0:27

22. Body And Soul
(Green arr. Ralph Wilkinson)

23. Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
(Raye, Prince, Sheehy)

24. Get Happy
(Arlen arr. Jerry Gray)

25. Moonlight Serenade
(composed and arranged: Glenn Miller)

26. Ilse Weinberger & Major Glenn Miller   0.10

Total Playing Time:   65 minutes 24 seconds

Source matrix numbers -
taken from the following
(all or in part):

OEA 10285-1; 10286-1;
10287-1 & 10288-2
(16 September 1944);

CTPX 12792-1; 12793-1; 12794-1;
12795-1; 12796-1; 12797-1; 12798-1
(20 November 1944);

CTPX 12791-1
(13 November 1944);

CTPX 12799-1
(20 November 1944);

CTPX 12806-1; 12807-1;
12808-1; 12809-1; 12810-1 & 12811-1
(27 November 1944)

CD Two

Executive Producer: Alan Dell
Compiled & co-ordinated by Hugh Palmer & Ted Kendall
Remastering Engineer: Ted Kendall

Photography Courtesy of:
The Imperial War Museum
Richard C. March
& The Hulton Deutsch Picture Library

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This compilation and technical restoration
p 1995 Conifer Records Limited
c 1995 Conifer Records Limited

Glenn Miller, August 1944

Personnel Tracks Notes

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