Glenn Miller

The Lost Recordings

The American Band of The American Expeditionary Force

Tracks Personnel Notes

Liner Notes: Personnel


Master Sergeant Zeke Zarchy
(lead and occasional solos)

Sgt. Bernie Privin
(most of the jazz solos)

Sgt. Bobby Nichols
(also soloist)

Sgt. Whitey Thomas

Private First Class Jack Steele


Staff Sgt. Jimmy Priddy

Sgt. John Halliburton

Pfc Larry Hall

Pfc Nat Peck

The American Band of The AEF: Trumpets & Trombones


S/Sgt. Hank Freeman
(lead alto and alto solos)

Sgt. Peanuts Hucko
(alto, tenor; clarinet solos)

Sgt. Vince Carbone
(tenor, and tenor solos)

Corporal Jack Ferrier
(tenor, and tenor solos)

Cpl. Freddy Guerra

Pfc Manny Thaler
(baritone, alto, bass clarinet,
occasional baritone solos;
all doubled clarinets)

French Horn

Cpl. Addison Collins Jr.
(occasional solos)

The American Band of The AEF: Saxophones


Cpl. Addison Collins Jr.
(occasional solos)

S/Sgt. George Ockner
(lead, and soloist)

S/Sgt. Harry Katzman
(deputy leader)

S/Sgt. Carl Swanson

Sgt. Dave Herman

Sgt. Dave Sackson

Cpl. Eugene Bergen

Cpl. Phil Cogliano
(jazz solos)

Cpl. Earl Cornwell

Cpl. Milton Edelson

Cpl. Nathan Kaproff

Cpl. Ernest Kardos

Cpl. Richard Motylinski

Pfc Joseph Kowalewski

Pfc Freddy Ostrovsky


Sgt. Dave Schwartz

Sgt. Emanuel Wishnow

Cpl. Henry Brynan

Cpl. Stanley Harris


Cpl. Maurice Bialkin

Cpl. Bob Ripley

The American Band of The AEF: Violins


Sgt. Mel Powell


Sgt. Carmen Mastren


S/Sgt. Trigger Alpert

The American Band of The AEF: Glenn Miller & Mel Powell


Technical Sgt. Ray McKinley


Pfc Jack Russin

Cpl. Joe Shulman

Pfc Frank Ippolito


Sgt. Johnny Desmond

Crew Chiefs Singing Group

Sgt. Steve Steck

Cpl. Murray Kane

Cpl. Artie Malvin

Pfc Lynn Allison

Pfc Gene Steck


T/Sgt. Jerry Gray

Master Sgt. Norman Leyden

S/Sgt. Ralph Wilkinson

The American Band of The AEF: Ray McKinley & the Crew Chiefs

Tracks Personnel Notes

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