Commercial use

The images on this site are a representative sample from the original works of Gregory Sams (see Biographical Notes) spanning 1990-1996. The originals exist on computer in high resolution format for flawless reproduction in large applications. They can be supplied on disk, as 35mm slides, 5"x 4" transparencies, or on film separations where appropriate.

The fractal images have been reproduced, under license, many many millions of times in magazines, on book covers, in newspapers, and on advertising posters around the world. CHAoS WORkS has supplied the entire imagery for five calendars to date, scores of posters, postcards, items of clothing, and for countless one-off uses on schoolbooks, watches, jigsaw puzzles, giftboxes, and the like.

Some past and current Clients:

Scandecor Publishing
Funky Posters
Raven Images
BBC Symphony Orchestra    
BBC Education
Nouvel Observateur
"New Scientist"
Macmillan Publishers
Oxford University Press
John Wiley & Sons
Harper Collins
Young & Rubican
Grolier Electronic Publishing
Cité des Science
Little Brown & Company
Penguin Books

Contact Gregory Sams at CHAoS WORkS
2 Trevelyan Gardens, London NW10 3JY, England
Phone (44) 0181 459 5002
Fax (44)0181 459 7354

For library use of the purely fractal images
(as in Sets 1, 2, and 3), contact the Science Photo Library
112 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RU, England
Phone (44) 0171 727 4712
Fax (44) 0171 727 6041

For USA library use on products such as calendars, notebooks, giftboxes, clocks, etc., contact Landmark Stock
51 Digital Drive, PO Box 6105, Novato, California 94948-6105, U.S.A.
Phone (01) 415 883 1600
Fax (01) 415 382 6613

All images are Gregory Sams 1990 through 1996.


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Sun of God by Gregory Sams