Gregory Sams: Biographical Notes

Occupation: artist, fractographer, writer.
Interests: natural foods, chaos theory, freedom, survival of our species.

  1948 Born in California, (November 27).
  1951 - 1966 Schools in UK, Germany and France.
  1966 Three months at University of California, Berkeley, on scholarship.
  1967 Returned to UK, where, starting with the macrobiotic food-oriented Yin-Yang Limited, spent the next twenty years playing a major part in developing the emerging domestic market for natural and organic foods, conceiving all of the trademarks below and creating and managing most of the companies.
  1967 - 1971 Seed Restaurant, first natural foods restaurant in UK.
  1969 - date Ceres Grain Store, (now The Grain Store on Portobello Rd).
  1968 - 1969 Harmony Magazine, of which three home-published editions.
  1971 - 1976 Seed Journal of Organic Living, a monthly, some twenty years ahead of its time.
  1970 - 1982 Harmony Foods/Whole Earth Foods now developed into Whole Earth Foods.
  1982 - 1990 After twelve years, left Harmony Foods in the hands of my brother Craig, started the Realeat Company, and launched the VegeBurger into a very ready world. Continued with this for six years, until 1988, when transferred ownership to the Haldane Food Group. Leaving involvement with the food industry behind, took a two year advance on retirement, dabbling in multiple projects until April 1990 when introduced by artist Howie Cooke to the James Gleick book, CHAOS. A software recommendation by Peter Cox and a video project with Ernie Eban led, in November 1990, to the opening of Strange Attractions, the world's only shop ever dedicated to chaos theory, located in West London's Portobello Market.
 1990 - 1995 Designed, published, and distributed the Strange Attractions range of postcards, posters, T-shirts, badges, ceramics, etc. Developed fractal and graphics skills needed to create, colour, and prepare fractals for publishing. The better part of two years was spent exploring and travelling through fractal universes.
 1993 Started CHAoS WORkS as the vehicle to license new and existing work to other publishers, for production of posters, T-shirts, calendars, giftwrap, notebooks, etc. Also setup with photo libraries for use in magazine articles, book covers, leaflets, and more. Began working with scanned images from the garden, photos, words, etc. and incorporating them with, and sometimes without, fractals into finished work. Many new pieces start off life as something else, for instance, the Sunflower Paradise poster started life as an invitation to a garden party.
 1996 - date Spending time working with words as well as imaging.

 1990 - 1996 Over 700,000 posters hanging around the world.
 1992 - 1995 Millions of fractal imprints around the world, licensed through photo libraries, whilst also on show at a handful of computer art exhibitions by BCCA, ArCade, and others.
 1997 Website launched on

 1998 "Uncommon Sense: The State Is Out Of Date"


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