Artist's Statement
In the tradition of artists like Benton, Hopper and Grant Wood, I am a painter of the American Scene.

I share an understanding of light and space with the Impressionists, but my perspective of the world is very much my own. I am driven to paint for sentimental and journalistic motives. I strive to depict our surroundings with the utmost clarity, that we may pause to consider the ways of life in America today.

Influenced by short story masters like Flannery O'Connor, elements of allegory and symbolism are utilized.

As an icon, the mobile home conveys the transcience of our culture.

The "muscle car" embodies the mystique of our super-power status, and so on.

I use the satellite dish to portray my hopes for the future. It is human nature to take a defensive stance against the unknown. By linking the world's civilizations, satellite technology is helping harmonize cultural disparities.

In my paintings, the dish is composed of seven sections (representing the seven seas) unified by the circle and is supported by a base which forms the symbol for peace. I present it like a cross -- a symbol of salvation.


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